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 Danube – Granum Destination

Danube – Granum sightseeing trip

Project Danube – Granum destination creates targeted identities joining cultural and historical monuments, predisposition  Danube -Granum region. In Slovakia, equivalent groupings engaged in tourism Orava, Low Tatras, Liptov, High Tatras (hotels, boarding houses, castles, manor houses, ski resorts, spas, swimming pools, parks, Museums, natural protected areas and tourist attractions phenomena Brhlovce village, Rockies and the like). One of the fundamental problems in tourism entities is unclear and chaotic way of promotion in the region. Fundamental option moves forward – joining forces in the development and attractiveness of tourist attractions in rich clusters Programs visits to cultural, historical, leisure, natural, relaxation attractions and activities.

The aim of linking is to create a strong single style promotion and exit the domestic and international tourism fairs. Price promotion of tourism operators decreases proportionally increasing the number of subjects in one of these entities grouped in tourism. The same applies to the type of media and the type of printed promotions. In Western countries, this model has long been the established and well-implemented and verified years. If possible can establish the latest technical features in order to make targeting – target group of tourists. Although already for example in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland during the last 10-15 years, this type of collaboration and presentation of tourist destinations were put into life and successfully demonstrate their results.

Project Danube Granum destination is composed of two parts. The first part is the community support all of the bodies that operate in the region danube Granum assistance in forming a common identity tourism marketing region.

The second part is to create conditions for the training of tourist guides and zgupovanie incurred by one subiektu which could act as direct turistical guiders to the region with the full support of Management in Tourism Granum Danube region.

Form of promotion should be well established and modern forms:

The text and photos of tourist attractions would be processed into publications and Web forms to which should be broad-spectrum multimedia content in many-language versions from 10 to 15 European languages​​. A 5 Asian languages​​. Multimedia content would include video presentations that would be captured by modern methods such as Aero video images with the mini helicopters. Video content would be associated with narratives about these historical and cultural monuments and tourist attractions. Narrative would be in several languages ​​for the widest possible opportunity to reach tourists who would be interested in visiting this region.

Another part of the cooperation would be grouping Travel Guide of this region and possibly assist in training new guides who will be interested to work in this region. Systematic preparation and training will increase the quality of guides in tourism. It is also planned teaching of foreign languages ​​in addition to English and German and Asian languages, especially Japanese and Chinese language.

Personalities from the history of the region Danube Granum. In 1818 and 1824 he worked in the town Zeliezovce Franz Schubert where he taught piano Counts children and Ersnestínu Carolina Esterházy. During his tenure passed some nice musical works and in his other works when was go back to Vienna inspired culture in Zeliezovce, at that time there was stirred Slovak, Hungarian, Roma folk music who took the Franz Schubert and some musical elements used in the his musical works.

Želiezovce group was cultural group in the Neolithic (ca. 5000 to 4700 BC. [Possibly before 5000 BC.] By newer dating, respectively. 4,300 to 3,900 BC. According to dating older) in southwestern Slovakia, western Hungary, in the adjacent Austria , South Moravia, in the southern and southeastern Poland and writings.

Named it H. Mitsch-Marheim according to findings in the Big Pesek, which is now part of the village Sikenica (which was part Zeliezovce in the years 1986-1992)

It is a direct continuation of culture with Western Linear Pottery (with a share of south-effects) and are sometimes classified as the last phase of the Linear Pottery Culture.

Linear ceramics Zeliezovce group is characterized in that the ornament is engraved and painted (red, sometimes yellow) and linear ornamentation is very rich. The shape of the containers was pear-shaped. From this period come the first drilled stone tools and grain storage pits.

Franz Sacher is another person who worked in Zeliezovce, author of the famous recipe for chocolate cake. Here was born his son Eduard. He later founded the Hotel Sacher and the family recipe sweetened with apricot jam. Zeliezovce town wants to commemorate the famous pastry chef. In Zeliezoviec offen from Vienna Count Jan Karol Esterházy. To his mansion (pictured) invited a musical genius of Franz Schubert and chef Franz Sacher. Earl already knew about his reputation on the Vienna court, “said the vice mayor Želiezoviec Pavel Polka. Sacher sixteen as an apprentice in 1832 the yard was represented by a sick cook. He became famous chocolate cake, which is now the most famous Viennese cake.

In Zeliezovice lived in the house for the servants near the castle. At the end of the 19th century Esterhazy gave him produce a commemorative plaque. Is it written that lived in this house with his wife Franz Sacher and Rozália in 1843 they where born son Eduard. Board is located inside the building, which now belongs to the city and used for commercial purposes.

Support and development of guides in tourism in the Danube Granum .

For high-quality presentation of the region to tourists.

Aim of the project:

– Training tourist guides Danube Granum

– Language courses to improve the knowledge of foreign languages, especially English

– Creation of a joint marketing of tourism in the region Danube Granum in the long term

– Destination Marketing – connecting supply services and attractions in the common vacation packages.

-marketing Human resources in the region Danube Granum tourism

– Analysis of cultural and historical monuments in the region Danube Granum to handle presentation materials Destination

– Creation of web sites and publications with content-rich text and photos of tourist attractions would be processed into a web form which would have wide-ranging multimedia content in many-language versions 10-15  European languages ​​and 5 Asian languages​​.

– Creating Video presentation

– Creating a mobile application presenting Danube Granum destination

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